Positive representation of marginalized communities is a wonderful thing and Yuri!!! Despite that volume, Zombieland Saga is the only one to truly carve out its own unique identity. Kicking off with a short film in 2013, Little Witch Academia’s debut received such impassioned feedback that it opened the gates to a follow-up fifty-minute endeavor in 2015’s extremely excellent Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade (funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign). It’s psychedelic visuals and shocking scenes with horrifying implications may be what grab its audience’s attention, but it’s the finely tuned narrative that’s all-killer, no-filler that keeps them around. On top of that, every episode provides a great dose of laughter and makes sure that every second is cherished. Makoto Shinkai’s Achilles heel is sticking too rigidly to his ‘star crossed lovers with a supernatural twist’ formula. Truly, Assassination Classroom is a wonderful experience from start to finish. On the surface, it’s gleeful dumbness to the extreme; but even gleeful dumbness can start a conversation, with Kill la Kill’s having debate about the context and intent of its nudity. From Izuku’s heart-pounding showdown with Muscular, to All Might’s face-off with arch-nemesis All For One; topping the phenomenal second season of this superhero extravaganza was no easy feat, but My Hero Academia smashed its sky-high bar with a One For All: Full Cowl, delivering one of the most sublime seasons this decade! The 2010s have been an eclectic decade for many corners of the world, including the anime industry. One Punch Man shouldn’t work nearly as well as it does. — Katharine Booth, Studio: Madhouse (S1), J.C. Staff (S2)Runtime: October 5th, 2015 – December 21st, 2015. With a story as fabulous as Attack on Titan, there's no denying that it deserves the number one spot on the list. It’s a credit to the series that these vastly different story archetypes work together. It’s as much a story about Riko’s journey to meet her mother as it is about the horrific, ambivalent ecosystem of the Abyss itself. This, however, in no way means that the other anime aren't great. — Matthew Ponthier, Studio: CloverWorksRuntime: January 11th, 2019 – Mar 29th, 2019, The Promised Neverland is one of the most suspenseful anime of the past decade, even with a mere twelve episodes. Ridiculously fun, even. But what truly pushes Steins;Gate into being a remarkable series is the juxtaposition between its serious subject matter and the more lighthearted elements. world meaning the popularity of idol shows has skyrocketed. Japan, love it as we may, drags its heels on LGBTQ+ issues. — Harry Morris, Studio: MAPPARuntime: Oct 4th, 2018 – Dec 20th, 2018. Fans were treated to all kinds of anime over these ten years and most of them will have left lasting impressions. This is better than that. There’s a dry wit to the show that gives it a much-needed sense of levity at times, as it often treads uncomfortable territory. But the competing romantic prospects of Yui or Yukino eventually pairing with Hachiman are secondary to one’s desire for the trio to ultimately be happy with themselves and their at-times fraught friendship to last. You can become a patron for as little as $1 a month, and every single penny goes to the people and services that keep Anime Feminist running. And anime is no different. Though Rakugo spends much of its time focusing on a single person on-stage telling a story, the show does a fantastic job of making you feel as though you’re right there in the theater, listening to these tales in person. Their ingenuity and selflessness when faced with protecting each other has truly made them one of the most likable and well-balanced duos in quite some time. Top 10 Best Anime of the Decade (2010-19) 24 2 . Indeed, it is a spectacle from start to finish.

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