I've noticed that videos on Disney+ don't work if I'm using Edge. @3vry1lvsgdstry I tried to log in again and nothing is happening, on the app on my phone it says tv ready but it doesn't work. Be the first to know the next time Disney+ goes down. @terry_go_online @CluelessMerida Your email address will not be published. Disney+ is the exclusive home for your favorite movies and TV shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. The year is 2034, cable network no longer exists and the only streaming service available is Disney+. Select Launch. Seems to be ok now. @CaleyGlasgow Not only that, but they are only working on our phone and i can’t even cast it the TV!!!! Hey @BellAliant why is your internet service slowing down? @disneyplus @taylorswift13 The app stopped working on mi xbox one, ive tried everything and nothing works. Unwatchable with 20 second pauses every 45 seconds. Required fields are marked *. @relleunique I'm sending you some results I found in a DM that might help, @Cattileesi @disneyplus Is it working on your phone? I just want to eliminate account based issues, @AjitPaiFCC thanks to your elimination of net neutrality, now people in rural areas -- and this is Trump country mind you -- can't stream most services without issues, including @Disneyplus and others. „Lucrăm pentru a rezolva rapid problema actuală a utilizatorului. Please try again later) I reinstall the app and doesn’t let me log in same problem 2 days. Just seems like bringing in Luke into contact with all these big time characters and then pretending like they don't exist for 3 movies creates more issues than it fixes imo, @disneyplus having trouble login in (sorry something went wrong . Disney erklärte, man arbeite daran, die Probleme zu beheben. You’d think with all of the money and power Disney has they would be able to make a streaming service that worked properly. Unwatchable with 20 second pauses every 45 seconds. What a sad legacy you leave. Seems to work fine in English. Can you help me please ? @WiseMade How do I get a refund? Last problem: Nov. 28, 2020 at 10:52 p.m. I have a problem with Disney+ Disney+ problems last 24 hours Thanks for submitting a report! #folkloreOnDisneyPlus. @disneyplus looks like your service is having major issues can't login on the app or website. Same w/ covid. Disney Plus UK isn’t just available on Amazon Fire Stick, it is also available on Android and Apple. Does any else faced this problem? Wenn es mal zu Anmeldeproblemen kommen sollte, Sie keine Verbindung mit dem Disney Plus-Dienst herstellen können oder Sie bestimmte Filme im Streaming-Service nicht sehen können, sollten Sie so vorgehen: TECHNOBEZZ COPYRIGHT © 2020. @disneyplus #FolkloreOnDisney #TaylorSwift, @aerofan47 This isn’t the first time & I’m tired of it happening. @disneyplus can you fix your app every time I go on it is either as a error code or the title sorry something went wrong please try again later, and I've tried everything I deleted app re-download it restarted my Xbox, i pay every month for a broken app. @NetflixANZ @StanAustralia @PrimeVideo @disneyplus @AppleTV. I can’t sign in on any device for some reason. @siblingflounder @emcfiveohthree @Franklinaire Not yet, I've finally started working through Clone Wars now that I have Disney+. @nareshrn1989 We understand your frustration with having redemption issues with Disney+. @countryfa Statuette Disney ( Simba ) de @RichardOrlinski en rupture sur @shopDisney en quelques secondes . @Bosco685 I haven’t been able to open either app in the last 3 days... ? @dwoht13 Smh, @aimzta85 @disneyplus getting an error code DRM. Secondly, this error code appears when there is an internet connectivity issue. Disney+ allows seven user profiles per account, with the ability to stream on four devices simultaneously with unlimited downloads. @disneyplus customer service is TERRRRRIBLE wow. @bignedley @disneyplus is there an outage in Westchester, County NY? Is this a known issue? @NoLifeBrandon_ @cranity @ginacarano @disneyplus When there have been reported issues with multiple states elections then it isn't a conspiracy theory - it's a legitimate concern that should be investigated. As the title says, it appears for the Xbox One users. Is anyone having an issue accessing the #folklore movie on @disneyplus??? @martijnveken @AmazonHelp fix your issues with @DisneyPlusHelp because my Amazon fire stick & tablet both aren’t letting me watch Disney+. ^CAR, DisneyPlus is not working what am i going to do??? @DisneyPlusHelp After trying all the options on this article, we are still unable to watch @disneyplus on the TV with the @amazon Fire Stick. Relive the thrill of Disney Parks and create the most fantastical Park of your dreams in Disney Magic Kingdoms! Of course @disneyplus would have technical issues when this episode of @themandalorian comes out. If so, check to see if your Fire is on the 2.4 or 5. Anyone else’s Disney + not working?! @JeremyRenner listo para filmar en New York. #DisneyPlus. @danielSEM2004 @disneyplus Oh it’s not just me then? Start counting…. @Ash_Evans97 @frdlyneighbour @MCU_Direct @Florence_Pugh @disneyplus To be fair, this information wouldn't have been an issue had it not been due to the movie being delayed due to Covid. Everyone is asleep so no one else is using the WiFi and it is still rubbish @disneyplus, @emjay397 WAY to many people having problems with it! Seems this issue is known for a long time. Your report was successfully submitted. @iaincollins This isn’t the first time & I’m tired of it happening. You have a trouble ticket submitted? Hi @disneyplus, could you help me to completely delete my Disney account? We all want secure elections. In this video we show you how to install Disney Plus on your Android TV Box. Cet article décrit quelques méthodes de dépannage qui peuvent vous aider si vous rencontrez l’un des problèmes suivants lors de la diffusion en streaming de Disney+ : Mise en mémoire tampon Erreurs de connexion Vidéos bloquées Mauvaise qualité vidéo #Hawkeye #DisneyPlus #MarvelStudios, @twomter her problems aren’t mine. Bonjour, j'avais un problème de son sur Tv android avec my canal, résolu en forçant l'audio en stéréo, j'ai le même problème avec disney plus, que dois je faire. Telefon. You may encounter this error when you try to view contents that are not entitled to your location. How tf you this rich as a company and don’t know how tf to not make everybody and their grandmas squint their eyes out just to see what’s happening on the mf screen. @erikl07 @samspinchat @disneyplus By the way! @iaincollins @nicanope ?? Ist Disney+ down? This error code usually appears when your Wi-Fi connection speed drops. Die Apps für Disney+ sind verfügbar.

disney plus probleme

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