Punisher part 6 gives the epsilon container and for everyone who's on a standard account its the best container you can get before completing all the tasks to get the Kappa. Perform your way by means of the prior quests then, once you have the quest, you will need to kill many PMCs with an SVD prior to handing more than PMC dogtags from various places. The PMCs are getting closer up their ass. More Resources. Surprisingly, they don't want to shut it down, but take over instead! Total Needed: 1. Discussion. Use this effectively and it could be devastating against pretty much any enemy. What qualifies as AKM series gun? EFT Field Guide. Magpul handguard Ammo Chart. To get it, you’ll need to finish part 5 of the Punisher questline. The Punisher Part 2: 10 lower half-masks; The Punisher Part 4: 10 A-2607 knives; The Punisher Part 5: 5 AK-74Ns, 3 M4a1s, 10 Makarovs; No Offence: 10 M67 grenades; Therapist. The final task of the Punisher story line! 1K likes. Punisher - Part 4. To have chance to get your stuff back, you have to pay for services of either Prapor or Therapist as both of them specialize in that matter. Quests can range to finding or purchasing items Professional hunter and survival specialist. Most of my kills were at the very beginning of a round, finding a busy lane of traffic and waiting for people to … Player Settings - Last Updated: 2018-10-28 () DPI Sens X Sens Y ADS Sens Scoped Sens 800: 0.13: 0.13: 0.35: 0.35 Resolution Aspect Ratio 3D Resolution Inventory The Punisher - Part 5 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov. Port zone customs terminal employee. Sounds weird, right? Turn in 100 Lvl 40+ PMC dog tags. Head of the Trauma Care Department of the Tarkov Central City Hospital. We can help you with them by playing on your account or provide you with the items needed to finish quests in Tarkov and gain reputation for the trader. The Punisher - Part 2 - The Official Escape from Tarkov Wiki Sells everything related to clothing and gear. Eft Tarkov Shooter Part 5. Extractions. If you want to use 5.45mm AKs, you'll quickly need an ammo upgrade. The Punisher - Part 4: Prapor: Elimination: Kill 10 Scavs in Woods using 12 gauge shotguns; Kill 10 PMCs on Shoreline while wearing a balaclava and a scav vest. The blue helmets have been venturing into small deals from the very beginning, buying everything of value in exchange for western weapons, ammo and some kinds of military equipment. Scalable maps rich in detail, ideal for veterans and beginners in the game. Therapist Quests. It has a notable balance in its damage values, making it the go-to ammo here. I absolutely understand that this is impossible, but there was a sort of irrational fear inside. It requires a 4th level of standing with 6 out of 8 traders. UN peacekeeping force supplies officer, based in one of the central checkpoints leading to the Tarkov port zone. The premise of the insurance is to provide you with a chance to get stuff back, that was lost upon death. Modify a Remington Model 870 12ga shotgunto 1. more then 60 Ergonomics 2. less then 450 total Recoil Must use: 1. I was doing the quest with a silenced FN 5-7, got 7 scav kills in a raid, which didn't count towards the quest. A lot of people keep bringing up the thermal as a prime example of an item that is overpowered.The mosin is another really common thing that people bring up as being overpowered.. Im not talking about the pricing or spawning chance here. After weeks of spamming shoreline I have killed 15 PMCs. Defend hangar gate from being opened for 5 minutes. The Punisher - Part 6 - The Official Escape from Tarkov Wiki Home. Question. Keeping incognito, he nevertheless managed to put together a well-organised smuggler network operating all over Norvinsk region. I chose Vepr AKM .366 variant, as the name clearly said AKM and it also shared skill level with other AKMs. I feel like this task could be completed in an afternoon. The first way is by killing PMC's and taking the dogtag from their corpse. Kill 15 Scavs at the Shoreline using AKM series weapon +10,800 EXP Prapor Rep +0.08 40,000 Roubles 42,000 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 1 46,000 Roubles with Intelligence Center Level 2 6B43 Zabralo-Sh 6A Armor Unlocks … Its done. He prefers clandestine solo living and operates discreetly, placing complicated and challenging tasks above everything. Almost every piece of equipment that you carry can be insured for a certain fee but there are some rules that determine whet… Defend parking lot gate from being opened for 5 minutes. Dear Nikita, The Bunny Hopping craze has been spreading through Tarkov like a virus. Bring 3 AK-74N Handover AK-74N rifles to Prapor Bring 3 M4A1 assault rifles Handover M4A1 … Chemical plant foreman before conflict, from its very beginning he took to weapon modification works and repairs and maintenance of complex equipment and tech.

eft punisher part 5

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