The structure of Hegel's Logic appears to exhibit self-similarity, with sub-sections, in their treatment of more specific subject matter, resembling the treatment of the whole. Hegel was born on August 27, 1770 in Stuttgart, in the Duchy Württemberg in southwestern Germany. This was due to (a) the rediscovery and re-evaluation of Hegel as a possible philosophical progenitor of Marxism by philosophically oriented Marxists; (b) a resurgence of Hegel's historical perspective; and (c) an increasing recognition of the importance of his dialectical method. [95] Böhme had written that the Fall of Man was a necessary stage in the evolution of the universe. Barnet blev placeret hos en forlægger i Jena, da Hegel ikke kunne forsørge sig selv, og langt mindre sit barn eller Christiane, som han ikke ønskede at dele sit liv med. His historicist and idealist account of reality as a whole revolutionized European philosophy and was an important precursor to Continental philosophy and Marxism. [65] In 1799, he wrote another essay entitled "The Spirit of Christianity and Its Fate",[66] unpublished during his lifetime. In March 1807, aged 37, Hegel moved to Bamberg, where Niethammer had declined and passed on to Hegel an offer to become editor of a newspaper, the Bamberger Zeitung (de) . To his chagrin, Fries was, in the same year, made Ordinary Professor (salaried).[59]:224–25. [24] : 192 En marto 1807, en aĝo de 37, Hegel proponita al Bamberg, de kie Niethammer malkreskis kaj pasigis al Hegel oferton por iĝi redaktisto de gazeto, la Bamberger Zeitung () . Hegel was born on August 27, 1770 in Stuttgart, in the Duchy of Württemberg in southwestern Germany. [133] The Hegel renaissance also highlighted the significance of Hegel's early works (i.e. Søren Kierkegaard Concluding Unscientific Postscriptt. "Why did Hegel not become for the Protestant world something similar to what Thomas Aquinas was for Roman Catholicism?" He was a leading figure in the German Idealism movement in the early 19th Century, although his ideas went far beyond earlier Kantianism, and he founded his own school of Hegelianism.. Pelczynski, A.Z. Now in a weak state of health, Hegel seldom went out. [68][69][70] Unbeknownst to Hegel, Giuseppe Piazzi had discovered the minor planet Ceres within that orbit on 1 January 1801. Hegel rendered these dualities intelligible by (ultimately) his argument in the "Quality" chapter of the "Science of Logic". Hegel's thought is revolutionary in that it is a philosophy of absolute negation—as long as absolute negation is at the center, systematization remains open, amakeing it possible for human beings to become subjects. With his finances drying up quickly, Hegel was under great pressure to deliver his book, the long-promised introduction to his philosophical system. [134] American neoconservative political theorist Francis Fukuyama's controversial book The End of History and the Last Man (1992) was heavily influenced by Kojève. main page. The universe as becoming is a combination of being and non-being. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, nado en Stuttgart (Baden-Württemberg) o 27 de agosto de 1770 e finado o 14 de novembro de 1831 en Berlín, foi un filósofo alemán e un importante persoeiro do idealismo alemán.Acadou gran sona no seu tempo e, aínda que influíu principalmente na tradición continental da filosofía, volveuse tamén cada vez máis influente na tradición analítica [1]. 2008. Hegel übte auch entscheidenden Einfluss auf Søren Kierkegaard und die Existenzphilosophie, später vor allem auf Jean-Paul Sartre, aus. Part of his remit was to teach a class called "Introduction to Knowledge of the Universal Coherence of the Sciences", Hegel developed the idea of an encyclopedia of the philosophical sciences, falling into three parts: logic, philosophy of nature and philosophy of spirit. La sekvan februaron la gastejestrino de Hegel Christiana Burkhardt (kiu estis forlasita fare de ŝia edzo) naskis sian filon Georg Ludwig Friedrich Fischer (1807-31). Hegel attempted to enlist the help of the poet and translator Johann Heinrich Voß to obtain a post at the newly renascent University of Heidelberg, but failed; to his chagrin, Fries was later in the same year made Ordinary Professor (salaried) there. Moreover, his life as a bachelor took an unforeseen turn when he impregnated his landlady and housekeeper. While in Nuremberg, Hegel adapted his recently published Phenomenology of Spirit for use in the classroom. [139] Kierkegaard criticized Hegel's "absolute knowledge" unity. [150], "Hegel" redirects here. Georgo Vilhelmo Frederiko HEGELO, germane Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HEGEL [georg vilhelm fridrih he:g.l] (naskiĝis la 27-an de aŭgusto 1770, mortis la 14-an de novembro 1831) estis germana profesoro kaj giganto de la okcidenta filozofio de la 19-a jarcento.Li estas kun Immanuel Kant konsiderata kiel plej granda filozofo depost la antikva epoko. "[90] Hegel went so far as to include the concept of life as a category in his Science of Logic, likely inspired by Aristotle's emphasis on teleology, as well as Kant's treatment of Naturzweck (natural purposiveness) in the Critique of Judgment. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, born 27 August 1770, died 1831. On the day before the battle, Napoleon entered the city of Jena. [145] Popper also makes the claim in the second volume of The Open Society and Its Enemies (1945) that Hegel's system formed a thinly veiled justification for the absolute rule of Frederick William III and that Hegel's idea of the ultimate goal of history was to reach a state approximating that of 1830s Prussia. Christiane Charlotte Burkhardt (nee Fischer) gave birth on February 5, 1807 to Hegel's illegitimate son, Georg Ludwig Friedrich Fischer. He achieved wide recognition in his day and—while primarily influential within the continental tradition of philosophy—has become increasingly influential in the analytic tradition as well. In particular, Russell considered "almost all" of Hegel's doctrines to be false. In 1818 Hegel accepted the renewed offer of the chair of philosophy at the University of Berlin, which had remained vacant since Fichte's death in 1814. His relations with his employers having become strained, Hegel gladly accepted an offer mediated by Hölderlin to take up a similar position with a wine merchant's family in Frankfurt, where he moved in 1797. A. Pelczynski and Shlomo Avineri. On the day before the battle, Napoleon entered the city of Jena. Author's preface to "On The Fourfold Root of the Principle of sufficient reason. [59]:238, In November 1808, Hegel was again through Niethammer, appointed headmaster of a gymnasium in Nuremberg, a post he held until 1816. Dia adalah tokoh terkemuka dalam gerakan Idealisme Jerman pada awal abad ke-19, meskipun gagasannya jauh melampaui Kantianisme sebelumnya, dan dia mendirikan sekolah Hegelianisme sendiri. The following February Hegel's landlady Christiana Burkhardt (who had been abandoned by her husband) gave birth to their son Georg Ludwig Friedrich Fischer (1807–31). Christened Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, he was known as Wilhelm to his close family. And debates about the nature of logic were intertwined with competition to inherit the mantle of Kant and with it the future direction of German philosophy.

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