Thanks for the review! i think this new lotus is a very good looking tool for adding quality to the sessions, my wife would like the look. Does this mean you'll need to compensate with more charcoal. Thank you for creating a better system over a great system! Feel like this would be just as much a display piece as I would use it. Hey I’m still a beginner hookah smoker but this Kaloud looks as dreamy as a calowd and as kaloudascopic as my wildest dreams! Lime, wintergreen, and a pinch of rose is a lot better than it sounds and has been a staple since I first mixed it up at my local hookah lounge. Shaunn!!! I’m currently addicted to Alchemist’s Lemon Mint from the Stout line. And can’t to get my hand on the lotus 2! This looks like an awesome upgrade from the original. the birds have to use potholders to pull worms out of the ground. How does it do with Al Fakher? I have over 10 hookahs and would enjoy trying this out thanks for the chance! Sounds like this maybe little better then the original lotus. BB, Watermelon cherry would taste wonderful under one of these. I like the turbine-style raised ribs on the floor of the L2. . the chickens are laying hard-boiled eggs I saw a dog chasing a cat and they were both walkin' hot water now comes out of both taps. My favorite will always be mango bold. It works really well, but I'd like to give the new lotus a try. Love it!! Holy moly. I can literally showy you it’s the 28/11. If I won ;) i’d Smoke it with the all time best flavor blueberry mint that I have smoked out of my Kaloud for the last 4 years! Kaloud Lotus. Recently I've been loving me some Haze Carnival Nights mixed with some Ugly Purple Breeze. Mmm mmm. Love my Lotus Plus... Can't wait for the deuce! Would love to try this new Lotus with 60% AF Mango and 40% Afzal Paan Raas. When you said there is a key I was hoping that the lid had a locking mechanism to keep coals in, in the event of a hookah tip. You can pack so much heat with Haze and it’ll be fun trying to test it out with that flavor. This is where you'll have two options: lift the dome off and reposition it to expose or cover the air shields, or alternatively use the key to rotate the dome and expose or cover the air shields. I’d wanna try a nice refreshing mint apple combo! So far one of the best product i own can't wait to try the new one on my oduman hookah. 2. It adds a subtle amount of restriction in the inhale but the rewarding amount of smoke output that comes with ease is worth it. 15 watching. I have three of my own now and if this new one is even 1% better, I can’t wait! ROR raspberry lemonade mixed with pineapple for the first bowl. I hope I’m callowed to win this so I can take my smoking to the next level! I can't wait to try out this awesome Kaloud Lotus!!! Really want to see how this new lotus performs! the temperature drops below 95, you feel a bit chilly. Never smoked with a heat management device, would be cool to see what all the hype is about. I think I may have to pick this one up though. No combo for me. Never used a Lotus, but wouldn’t mind having one. Kaloud Krysalis ... Amy Kristal Set. I have to try your float combo, it sounds really interesting. This looks dope. I had the previous lotus, however unfortunately it was stolen. LOL, I hope to win this !!! I'd mix my favorite Ambrosia and Blueberry Muffin. you can make instant sun tea. One of the flavors I miss the most is al fakher special edition rich creme. This sounds awsome. I would love to win one and try it with my Sipping Lemonade in the Cove mix (5 Cents a Cup mixed with Pirates Cove). Thankyou for all your services you guys are the best! Reminds me of when I first started smoking, minus the harsh part. The day has come ladies and gentlemen. I want...blueberry orange mint in my vitra! I must have had this same bowl flavor combo *looks at calendar and calculator* 60-80 times across foil and multiple HMDs. I would do nirvana icy milk and cinnamon milk.... new lotus 2 looks sick !! Usually perfect heat every time with great and full flavor. HELP, Honestly I’d love to try this out with Cane mint mixed with spiced chai. I'd love to try it out sometime on my setup. I owned every model since release, so its a must have for me and having it for free would be fantastic! Wonder how this will do for that combo. This addresses the root problem I had with the original model. I would love one! The remix Kaloud Lotus Plus will continue it's run but if you're looking to take your Lotus game to the next level, I know a place. I am wondering how my Titanium Cubettes will do in there. The best Luxury online store to buy hookahs, shisha tobacco, Hookah Bowls, coals, and hookah accessories. Regular price $ 39.99 Sale price $ 36.99 View. If you've made it this far in the blog, then you've seen enough pictures to realize that this piece has a lot more air flowing into this device when compared to the Lotus. I thoroughly enjoy both, but prefer to use a Lotus because it's easy (set & forget) and tastier. Most Popular Brands of Shisha and Hookah Accessories. Hookah shisha is by far the best store for your hookah needs. I love the lotus and Tangiers combo! So refresh then and scroll to the bottom and see if you have a reply, there's also a feature to notified about replies to your comments. Thanks for the opportunity btw! About 70/30, see if I can't get some sweet tea flavor going. Unlike the original Kaloud lotus 1, the V2 is more of a rounded shaped HMD. I've been debating for a while about getting a Lotus, this seems like a no-brainer way to go. It looks so slick looks like the Ferrari of heat management tools. I never had the pleasure of using the first Kaloud Lotus so I might as well start out my experience with the Kaloud Lotus 2. Looks awesome too I'll probably wait until next year to get one tho. Can’t wait to try this with some blue mist and mint!! I love my Kaloud Lotus! Probably trifecta chocolate with fumari chocolate chill, starbuzz dark coffee and bit of tangiers cane mint. Loves you guys and thanks for all the years of great service. I'd love to try out some can see how we like it! Regular price €120 View. Would love an upgrade to our system! FOX BOWL MUMMY. I've been bouncing between the Kaloud Vitria and very thick stoneware bowls for my sessions with great result. hot water now comes out of both taps. Encontre Mini Lotus no Mercado Livre Brasil. Thanks for the great write-up. The Kaloud Lotus 2 also works to significantly reduce the ash, ultra-fine particles, and … Looking forward to trying this head. LOVE my gen 1 Lotus. I have the previous HM, but this one here takes the cake. I would probably use wtf alice by nirvana with a hint of blue mist! Oh man this thing looks wicked. This would be awesome to try out! it was very informative. Looks pretty cool. Im looking forward to great things from the lotus 2. I use it daily. I’d go with Alchemist KFC Moonshine Mint. I would definitely smoke my fall favorite, which is a third Tangier’s pumpkin, third Al Fakher Apple and a third Al Fakher Cinnamon. Wow, game changer for sure! My combo would be a mix of mint with a slight hit of kiwi. Kaloud had a goal of improving the reduction of charcoal taste and extending your session with the Lotus 2. Always a favorite of ours. Missed the Unboxing? Finally you guys have the Kaloud Lotus 2. Thanks for the good read. I think I have an addiction problem with Azure Lemon Muffin and Trifecta Twice The Ice Extreme O_O, i currently own the kloud lotus. This thing looks DOPE . Kaloud Inc. has taken the next step in their heat management journey as they present the Kaloud Lotus 2. Amy Deluxe. If so, I believe that it would sit on the silicone that keeps the bowl I place. I know this flavor combination like the back of my hand and if I try hard enough I could probably taste it if inhaled hard enough. Here goes a comment! Say price wasn't different. Hookah-shisha rocks!! This looks like a whole new experience, I would be honored to get the chance to win this!

kaloud lotus 2 set

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