10/08/2014. From late 2013 to early 2016, Lorde was in a relationship with New Zealand photographer James Lowe. Another clip was accompanied by the words “Well shit this is downright sweet. But not in the mean way you might assum Ya ya ya, I Am Lorde, I am Lorde!" Not every personality featured on South Park has been so pleased about it. In case you haven’t heard, SPIN was featured prominently in a 2014 episode of South Park … News reports about Lorde's silence. Take that haters, I got a South Park episode.”. Lyrics to 'Push (South Park)' by Sia. Lorde is a 45-year old geologist ... at least according to last night's episode of "South Park" -- and the pop star has spoken out ... saying it's pretty damn weird. South Park S18 E3. Her current status is unknown. A fictional Spin reporter then arrives in South Park, looking to expose the very obvious truth -- that "Lorde" is really a 45-year old geologist. Reporter Brandon Carlile was hoping to do a big story on her but had to let it go for undisclosed reasons. Watch a Mesmerizing Clip of Lorde Singing Her South Park Song Lorde performs during Lollapalooza 2014 at Grant Park on Aug. 1, 2014 in Chicago. Durante los eventos de "El Mariquita", el reportero de la revista SPIN Brandon Carlile llega a South Park intentando buscar una historia sobre Lorde. All Rights Reserved. She's a Good Geologist. (, "We love the city yeah yeah yeah. © 2020 NME is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. All Rights Reserved. The young singer has been made fun of in several episodes of 'South Park' where they joke that she is a middle-aged man. The real-life Lorde was a big fan of the episode: "i don't actually watch south park but from what i can tell sia was involved and someone's mum said something really nice about me.. Singer laughs off South Park parody in which she is reborn as a 45-year-old transsexual geologist. Either way, South Park‘s experiment with episode-to-episode continuity had now lasted for the first three ... #South Park Tags: LORDE, matt stone, randy marsh, south park, trey parker. Lorde has proved that she is a good sport when she gets mocked in the media – she has sung the South Park song about herself!. The reporter from Spin Magazine learns about Lorde's double life as a geologist. Everyone in South Park hears Lorde's awesome new song. 10/08/2014. South Park is known for ripping celebrities to shreds – there were whole episodes in which Tom Cruise practically lived in a closet, and Kanye West was a gay fish, and they made soul singer Isaac Hayes do a song about sucking on chocolate salty balls.. Well, the dark cartoon series has to keep moving with the times and so now it has parodied Lorde. Two weeks back, South Park pulled off an incredible spoofing of Lorde while also teaching a valuable lesson in self-acceptance. Lorde is a 45-year-old geologist, or so says the latest episode of South Park.The Comedy Central hit show included the chart topping singer in two episodes of the new season but in Wednesday’s episode, Lorde became the center of South Park‘s transgender parody. Lorde certainly is a good sport! In the episode aired on October 8, it emerged that Lorde was, in fact, 45-year-old geologist Randy Marsh, father of lead character Stan. (, The real-life Lorde was a big fan of the episode: "i don't actually watch south park but from what i can tell sia was involved and someone's mum said something really nice about me.. In an episode that revolved around the desire for private, opulent bathrooms, South Park had some fun last night with SPIN magazine and Lorde conspiracies. 6.2k votes, 104 comments. Diabetes is an important issue for her, and she notably performed at the Broflovski Residence for a party in diabetic Scott Malkinson's honor. The world's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952. The womens' bathroom at the U. S. Geological Survey is important to her music and identity, and when it was taken away from her, even though she was offered her own bathroom, she went dark on Twitter for a week -- before releasing her biggest hit to date, PUSH. Marsh originally started posing as a 17-year-old from New Zealand as an elaborate cover to use the women's restroom, and things logically took off from there. Lorde "Randy Marsh" - South Park (Releases Lorde Song "Push [Feeling Good on a Wednesday])", Sung by Sia, Official Video PUSH- Remastered (Extended Remix) The episode premiered on Comedy Central in the United States on October 8, 2014. Personal life. Check out this character art used while designing Randy's infamous Lorde outfit in "Gluten Free Ebola". Lorde tweeted her approval following a second appearance in US animation South Park.. For two straight weeks, South Park has built jokes around the New Zealand teenage pop phenom Lorde, cooking up a strange story about how Stan's dad Randy Marsh is actually Lorde.

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