He promoted international trade by opening overseas offices to advise businessmen. [242] In 1945, Hoover advised President Harry S. Truman to drop the United States' demand for the unconditional surrender of Japan because of the high projected casualties of the planned invasion of Japan, although Hoover was unaware of the Manhattan Project and the atomic bomb. He achieved unprecedented success in the post raising the stature of the Department of Com… Nevertheless, during Hoover's term, the world order established in the immediate aftermath of World War I began to crumble. [266], Hoover was extremely unpopular when he left office after the 1932 election, and his historical reputation would not begin to recover until the 1970s. Scholars were sent to Europe to collect pamphlets, society publications, government documents, newspapers, posters, proclamations, and other ephemeral materials related to the war and the revolutions that followed it. [141] Hoover made extensive use of commissions to study issues and propose solutions, and many of those commissions were sponsored by private donors rather than by the government. "Hoover and the Indians: the Case for Continuity in Federal Indian Policy, 1900–1933". [192] Hoover further alienated black leaders by nominating conservative Southern judge John J. Parker to the Supreme Court; Parker's nomination ultimately failed in the Senate due to opposition from the NAACP and organized labor. Terms: 1929-1933 Political Party: Republican First Lady: Lou Henry Hoover Vice President: Charles Curtis. [256], Hoover wrote several books during his retirement, including The Ordeal of Woodrow Wilson, in which he strongly defended Wilson's actions at the Paris Peace Conference. Curtis was born in 1860 in Topeka while Kansas was still a … The most important news stories of the day, curated by Post editors and delivered every morning. He was influential in the development of radio and air travel and led the federal response to the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927. [171] The Hoover Moratorium was warmly received in Europe and the United States, but Germany remained on the brink of defaulting on its loans. His Rapidan fishing camp in Virginia, which he donated to the government in 1933, is now a National Historic Landmark within the Shenandoah National Park. [53], During his senior year at Stanford, Hoover became smitten with a classmate named Lou Henry, though his financial situation precluded marriage at that time. Vice President Mike Pence speaks about the coronavirus in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House, on April 23, 2020. With the impending retirement of Coolidge, Hoover immediately emerged as the front-runner for the 1928 Republican nomination, and he quickly put together a strong campaign team led by Hubert Work, Will H. Hays, and Reed Smoot. [229] He closely followed national events after leaving public office, becoming a constant critic of Franklin Roosevelt. [122] Along with the rest of the nation, he was surprised when Coolidge announced in August 1927 that he would not seek another term. He had spent so many years living in Britain and Australia, as an employee of British companies, there was a risk that he would be labeled a British tool. [167] While other countries left the gold standard, Hoover refused to abandon it;[168] he derided any other monetary system as "collectivism. Because automotive trade associations were the best organized, many of the positions taken by the conferences reflected their interests. [128] Hoover accepted the nomination at Stanford Stadium, telling a huge crowd that he would continue the policies of the Harding and Coolidge administrations. [13] Minthorn ensured that Hoover received an education, but Hoover disliked the many chores assigned to him and often resented Minthorn. Fall, were implicated in major scandals, Hoover emerged largely unscathed from investigations into the Harding administration. ", "An American Friendship: Herbert Hoover and Poland", https://mininghalloffame.org/inductee/hoover-0, https://mininghalloffame.org/inductee/hoover, http://www.mininghalloffame.com.au/hall-of-fame/inductee.php?id=46, "USA:n entinen presidentti Herbert Hoover vastaanottaa tohtorinmiekan ja vihitään kunniatohtoriksi", "The Gold Standard and the Great Depression", "Black Disaffection From the Republican Party During the Presidency of Herbert Hoover, 1928–1932", "The Forgotten Repatriation of Persons of Mexican Ancestry and Lessons for the War on Terror", "Hoover and the Historians: the Resurrection of a President", "Gifford Pinchot and the Politics of Hunger, 1932–1933", "The Radio Act of 1927: progressive ideology, epistemology, and praxis", "Herbert Hoover, the Commerce Secretariat, and the Vision of an 'Associative State', 1921–1928", 'Herbert C. Hoover and Poland: 1919–1933.

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