Though initially Morgana's powers were raw and uncontrolled, resulting in her inadvertently setting her room alight and shattering a vase, in the year spent with Morgause, Morgana's skill with magic improved greatly and she gained control over her abilities. A deeply distraught Uther points out that innocent people are suffering, but Morgana angrily retaliates by saying she is merely mirroring the extreme persecution that dominated his reign. Mit Witz und jeder Menge Spannung zeichnet die aufwendig produzierte Serie die Jugendjahre des legendären Zauberers Merlin und seines Freundes König Arthur. The relationship between Morgana and Aithusa. And just as Morgana was fiercely protective of Arthur, he, in turn, did everything in his power to keep her safe and happy. Three years later, after her imprisonment, Morgana's resentment for Guinevere stealing her throne grows even more. You need never be alone again. The High Priestess swears to avenge Mordred's death. Morgana's initial agreement was solely for Mordred's sake, as she wanted Alvarr to get the boy out of Camelot before they were caught, and when she delivered the crystal to their camp Mordred ran to embrace her. However, conflicted and weighed by her conscience, she repents of her intention at the last minute when confronted with the realisation that Uther cares for her. Public Figure. Through Gaius, Merlin gives up the location of the camp and Uther sends Arthur and his men to retrieve the crystal and kill Alvarr's men, forcing Morgana to ride to the camp ahead of them and give Alvarr warning. When she returns, she is a different person; vengeful and more cruel, she returns determined to take revenge for beings like herself against Uther and the magic-hating Camelot. Despite his own suspicions, Merlin covers for her when Arthur wonders why she is the only one not affected by the spell, claiming that Gaius must have given her a draught that fights off the sleeping plague before he succumbed to it himself. Following this event, Morgana and Guinevere make numerous attempts on Arthur's life. Earlier in life, as the King’s ward, Morgana displays a spirited, quick-witted and compassionate nature. Morgana Pendragon was the illegitimate daughter of Uther Pendragon, the second daughter and the youngest child of Vivienne, the younger paternal half-sister of Arthur, the younger maternal half-sister of Morgause and the adopted daughter of Gorlois. At some point Helios entered into an alliance with Morgana and seemed quite familiar with her, plotting to besiege Camelot alongside her. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose … 28,422 people like this. Morgan’s nephew, Mordred, began working with her for the first time in sharing their treachery against King Arthur. When necessary, she also displays her courage and ability as a fighter, always intervening to stand up for what she feels is right. Immediately after that, she and Mordred summon a meteor to attack the enemy forces, which annihilated Camelot's defense. Back in Camelot, Merlin tries and fails several times to kill Arthur. Cenred makes a show of dragging Morgana away from the others, which allows her to reunited with Morgause, but when Arthur and the others escape, Morgause isn't worried- she knows that Arthur will never leave without Morgana and she is right. Slytherin!Merlin. My favourite patient is always welcome. The court physician, Gaius, gives her a variety of sleeping potions, but none proves particularly effective. As they travel, Merlin tries to get rid of Morgana by causing her horse to throw her, spraining her ankle, but Arthur helps her along. 214 talking about this. However, Morgause seemed to ostensibly treat Morgana as an equal and did genuinely care for her as she chose to save her life over destroying Camelot. Discovering Emrys and Alliance with Mordred. When she regains consciousness, she finds out that Mordred has been killed. In the end, Merlin only defeated her by using his magic, of which she was unaware. Offizielle Facebook-Seite von "Merlin - Die neuen Abenteuer" Impressum: Behind the Scenes Morgana rules for some time and tries to get the Knights of Camelot to pledge themselves to her, but regardless of the fact that she claimed to be Uther's daughter, the knights are loyal to the King and refuse to obey her. Morgana Pendragon. She then enacted a sadistic plan to have Gwen killed not by herself, but by her lover, Arthur, enchanting her to take the shape of a deer so she would be shot and killed by Arthur's hunting party (The Hunter's Heart). Morgana at some point enters into an alliance with Helios, the powerful warlord. Merlin erfährt von den Catha die Prophezeiung über Arthurs Ende und setzt alles daran, das drohende Schicksal noch abzuwenden. I seek revenge for wounds they have inflicted, as do you. In return, she goes with Merlin to his home village Ealdor to help him defend it from bandits (The Moment of Truth). Als Morganas Schwester Morgause nach Camelot kommt, muss sie im Kampf gegen die Magie eine Seite einnehmen. However, the steep personality change the Fomorroh also causes means that Gwen and Gaius soon realise something is wrong with Merlin. By morning he has begun to lose his sanity, hallucinating spectres of the innocents he has executed over the years, including boys he has drowned in a well and Igraine, whose death was ultimately a result of his own folly meddling with the forces of life and death. However, he and Merlin manage to get away, so she angrily commands her men to find them as soon as possible (Arthur's Bane:Part One). Arthur Pendragon †MerlinGuinevere PendragonGaiusCamelotQuesting BeastCornelius SiganAfanc +Alator †Uther Pendragon †Kanen †Kendrick †Aredian †Sophia †Aulfric †MithianRodorGwaine †ElyanKnights of CamelotSarrum †Catrina (Troll) †The Knights of the Round TableGuardKilgharrah Created by Johnny Capps, Julian Jones, Jake Michie. Any friend of Camelot is an enemy of mine. Gorlois was probably the person that Morgana felt closest to during her early childhood. However, she realises Uther would never alter his persecution, and that should he ever discover her true nature he will execute her. 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