Beyond the lid, you’ll want a grill with plenty of exterior surface space for keeping your tools, ingredients and cooking materials handy while grilling. A word of caution is that, similar to other electronic devices, you may want to do a quick firmware update when you put together your grill. The best grills also offer a highly visible thermometer on the lid to ensure proper cooking temperature easily and seamlessly during preparation and cooking. The grill itself looks gorgeous, with a large glass viewing window, stainless steel for days, and fancy features like burner knobs that light up in iridescent blue when they’re ignited. For a full catalog of available accessories, visit the Weber website and click on the Accessories tab. That means there’s never a bad time for grilling, which means that you can always count on Weber to be there to answer all your questions. Contact Weber Customer Service at 800-446-1071 for help. More and more, grill manufacturers are pumping out grills with higher and higher BTU counts, and consumers rely on these numbers as a measure of the grill’s performance. The Weber pellet grill comes in two sizes the SmokeFire EX4 a.k.a. At the end of the day, BTUs are simply an indication of how much heat your grill can produce, not how hot it will actually get inside your grill. With high-quality Weber accessories, the world is your grill. First of all, there must be proper ventilation for safe and quality cooking. and be ready to shell out some coin because this one doesn’t come cheap. Although the grill contains only three burners, it produces ample heat to cook the food evenly and even enforces a large cooking space. They use water-resistant fabrics that are also designed to resist wear from the sun, guaranteeing that you’ll protect your most delicious investment. Weber’s got a nice video on the subject of regulator bypass, hosted by our friend Kevin Kolman. Additionally, propane is always readily available at most local stores. There are a wide range of brush types available, but the longer and more durable the better. A sear burner is a specially designed burner that uses a series of small, intense flames to heat up a cooking surface (generally with grid marks) to extreme heat. What we haven’t mentioned yet is that Weber offers the best prices on high-quality grills when compared to any other grill manufacturer in the country. Traeger vs Weber Grills Review [2020 Updated] Last Updated: January 10, 2020. It’s the best way to cook food that takes longer than 30 minutes to finish or that would otherwise burn when exposed to high heat—like a whole chicken, a rack of ribs, or a pork shoulder. It was also the only grill we tested that had stainless steel grates, which did get stained during the course of testing but made beautiful sear marks on our burgers. I am tired of replacing my grill every few years so I wanted to get a nice one that will last awhile. Stainless steel flavorizer bars are seated under high quality grates. What this grill is lacking in features, it makes up for with its porcelain enameled grates, and excellent grease management system. However, I am not sure about: 1) NG vs propane. If you can’t identify any leaks, then you may have a bad regulator. PRO TIP - Make sure to contact our staff at (888) 714-4938 to inquire about unpublished savings on Weber Grills. The burners are the element of the grill that do the actual cooking of your food. Compare; Find My Store. It’s simple science—a larger space requires more heat and energy before it reaches a certain temperature. They didn’t sit together very well, making it really difficult to clean this grill without making a ridiculous amount of noise. This value-priced grill only has 40,000 BTUs, but since it had a smaller cooking area than some of the other grills, it still averaged out to a solid 84 BTUs per square inch. Get Rid of Excess Grease Bottom line: If you’re looking for a massive grill that can cook over 24 burgers while looking like a professional staple on your deck, this is the one. :) I did a search for this comparison but haven't seen any recent discussions. The decision of whether to go with natural gas or propane will depend largely on your grilling habits, current gas availability, and personal taste. I liked the Weber and the Brinkman is so so. for pricing … Just don’t plan to move it too much (seriously, it’s so heavy!) The answer to that depends on what you are looking for from your cooking grate. The smoky flavor that comes from burning woodchips and cooking food over the emitted smoke is one that’s coveted by grillers everywhere. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. These 2- or 3-burner grills are the perfect size for casual grilling for couples, families or individuals and are made to fit in small yards, patios or balconies.

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