Von allen Seiten umschließt du mich, / ich bin ganz in deiner Hand. d. Wings of the morning: This may well refer to the spread and speed of light as it fills the morning sky from the east to the west. f. Even the night shall be light about me: God’s presence with David was like a constant light in the darkness. b. How great is the sum of them! Where can I go from Your Spirit? Ein Psalmlied von David. Du führst mich. Ich fasse deine Hand. Some search, but know not; thou dost both.” (Trapp). Ob ich ruhe oder “Crimes committed before the face of the Judge are not likely to go unpunished…. “The piety and charity which are patiently endured in the field, and on the bed of sickness; the misery and torment inflicted by persecution in the mines, the galleys, and the dungeons; all are under the inspection of Jehovah, and are noted down by him against the day of recompense.” (Horne). Too wonderful for me: “I cannot grasp it. We provide you with a list of stored cookies on your computer in our domain so you can check what we stored. You have searched me and known me: David prayed to Yahweh, understandin… Darum geht es mir gut. “The Psalmist had scarcely peered within the veil which hides the nerves, sinews, and blood-vessels from common inspection; the science of anatomy was quite unknown to him; and yet he had seen enough to arouse his admiration of the work and his reverence for the Worker.” (Spurgeon), iv. Marvelous are Your works, 1 Das ist ein Lied von David: Gott ist immer bei mir. 2 Gott sorgt für mich. c. See if there is any wicked way in me: David opened his soul completely before God, asking if there were any unknown or unperceived sins. / Prüfe mich und erkenne meine Gedanken! The work of God in fashioning the body of the individual has made some people wonder about the presence of birth defects, and what that may mean regarding God’s work. – once spoke to him. The point of comparison is the mystery enwrapping both.” (Maclaren), iv. As Jesus would later say, God knows the number of hairs on our head (Matthew 10:30). 4 Gott sah das Licht: Ja, es war gut. Bindet sie los und führt sie zu mir. ( De 32:6; Job 10:11) u0003 u0002. 4 Before a word is on my tongue. It means that God’s people have a responsibility to also know and care for children in the womb. For You formed my inward parts: The God of all knowledge and constant presence had the care and concern to personally form the child in his mother’s womb. “Thy infinite power and wisdom, manifested in the rare and curious structure of man’s body, doth fill me with wonder and astonishment, and with the dread of thy majesty.” (Poole), iii. – such a beauty as he was! 1 Als sie in die Nähe Jerusalems kamen, gingen sie nach Betfage hinein, auf den Ölberg, und Jesus beauftragte zwei aus der Gruppe der °Jüngerinnen und Jünger: 2 »Geht in das Dorf vor euch. Even in hell, God will be present because there is no place where God cannot be. Nach Psalm 139. Please activate JavaScript to use the website. i. Psalm 103 mit Bild und Text Psalm speaks about the closeness of God and about your identity. ii. I count them my enemies. Some Unzählige Post- und Kalenderkarten sind mit seinem Text bedruckt. Stiege ich zum Himmel hinauf, so bist du da, / legte ich mich zu den Toten, da wärst du auch. Im Anfang Zu Beginn Am Anfang 2 Da war die Erde Chaos und Wüste, Dunkelheit war da angesichts der Urflut, und Gottes °Geistkraft bewegte sich angesichts der Wasser. You always can block or delete cookies by changing your browser settings and force blocking all cookies on this website. Sieh, ob ein gottloser Weg mich verführt, / und leite mich auf dem ewigen Weg! He was a shepherd, a special forces soldier, a hero, a poet, and a king. “Darkness may, indeed, conceal us and our deeds from the sight of men; but the divine presence, like that of the sun, turns night into day, and makes all things manifest before God.” (Horne), ii. i. Trusting the God of complete knowledge and constant presence would bring David to everlasting life. Psalm 23, 1-4 Herr, du bist mein Hirt. This showed how much he cared for holiness in his life, and how humble he was in recognizing that there could be an unperceived wicked way in himself.

psalm 139 in moderner sprache

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