O. Prince Ronnie Love-------------Turn That Thing Around (Club Party Mix), 18.Certified Slim ------------------------- Turn It Up, 19. 6. O. Le titre phare de l'année ! El Willie------------------ You Were Always On My Mind, 10. O. 5.The Rigtheous Sisters-----------Leaning On JESUS Top Stations. Ms Jody--------------Doin The Electric Slide, PSRfrankojohnson@aol.com4) (614)  829-3248   frankojohnson3@gmail.com                                                                                                                                              www.frankosmoothradiocharts.com, 1. 3. 8. 5. Cel and Katie take a first look at how the UK's new Official Chart is shaping up! 2. J. T. Watkins--------------Somebody Lord Have Mercy, 19. Buchana-----------------Slow Lick It J. T . Albert Franklin---------------There’ll Come A Time, 2. Mr. X. Safford-------------Hot Holiday Song, 12. Golden Airs----------Beleive In Prayer, 4.The Lamp Lighters---------Hold Not Thy Peace, 5. The Mighty Wonders -----------God You Said, 8.Sandra King---------------Words For The Cross, 9.Gold Leaf SIngers------------The Holy Spirit, 10. Mr X Safford----------Hot Holiday Song, 1. B. Buchana----------This Party Is A Mother, 19. 2. 16. Certified Slim-----------Voodoo Kinda Of Love, 11.Barbara Carr------------Know How To Party, 12.Dabron------------------Slippin And Sliding, 2. Frank-o Johnsons' Radio Charts For 2019 To play music while reviewing the charts , just press the play button one of the three cd covers, and you can start or stop at anytime to change cds.. 7.Sandra King---------------Words For The Cross YEAR-END CHARTS. 11.El Willie ------------------ You Were Always On My Mind Texas Country Music Chart -- digitally monitored radio airplay chart based and founded in Texas. Maurice Simpson--------- Resurrection El Willie------------------ You Was Always On My Mind, 4. Prince Ronnie Love-------------Turn That Thing Around (Club Party Mix) Creamery Station Advances Three Slots to #1 . 9. Learn more here. The UK's Official Chart on Radio 1. 10. Listen to TOP OF THE CHARTS internet radio online for free on radio.net. 7. WHTA Hot 107,9. Les deux frères du groupe PNL Nabil & Tarik signe encore un succès pour le rap français avec un titre qui fait référence tant au début du duo qu'à son ascension en toute indépendance. 3. B. Buchana----------Parking Lot Love Affair 14. Prince Ronnie Love ------ Double Back, 14.El Willie----------------Give Me Your Love, 15. 10.J.C. WORL - The Answer 660 AM. 10. If you enjoyed listening to this one, maybe you will like: 1. Charts. 8.Gold Leaf SIngers------------The Holy Spirit Hot 100; Billboard 200; Billboard Global 200; Billboard Global Excl. Dabron-------------------Slippin And Sliding, 9. Radio-Charts Schweiz. - Mentions légales - Politique de cookies - Contact CONTACT. 2. Creamery Station Advances Three Slots to #1 . Franko---------Hurt All Over David Conrad----------------It's Real Bad Preacher Man---------------Silver Lining, 9.James and Levi-----------A Story About JESUS, 1.Donnie Ray----------------Shez My Honey Bee Franko----------------It's Love Stealing Time Radio Charts . All available episodes (5 total) Coming Up. Dabron-------------------Slippin And Sliding, 10. X. Safford---------Baby Come Home SUBSCRIBE. Ricky White & T. K. Soul-------------- Red bone, 3.El Willie----------------Give Me Your Love, 4. 1. Albert Franklin---------------There’ll Come A Time, 1.J.T. B. Buchana----------Parking Lot Love Affair, 7. Dabron-------------------Slippin And Sliding, 11. David Conrad----------------It's Real Bad, 1. 6.Sandra King---------------Words For The Cross

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