Black Twitter Is Raving After Jalaiah Harmon, Creator Of The 'Renegade Dance,' Performed At NBA All-Star Weekend Her arrival was highly anticipated thanks to … The child of two educators, Jalaiah and her family have recently realized that if things pick up, she might have to be homeschooled. Sur TikTok, la vidéo The Renegade, des mouvements créés par une adolescente d'Atlanta, Jalaiah Harmon, est devenue virale. Jalaiah … Within a week, in-person classes at the studio were canceled indefinitely. Michael, who has more than 292,000 followers on the app, said he didn’t initially notice the app’s appropriation problems. Months after the Renegade dance began ruling TikTok, Jalaiah Harmon, the teen dancer behind the viral moves, has finally been recognized for creating it. Charlie D’Amelio and Addison Easterling just brought “Renegade” back to its roots by teaming up with the creator of the viral TikTok dance, Jalaiah Harmon! She had come up with the Renegade back in September 2019 and had posted it on the app Funimate. The only problem was none of these videos referenced Jalaiah — the original creator. 2.7M Fans. Stefanie, Jalaiah’s mom, says the idea of having Jalaiah and Charli perform the dance together was briefly tossed around, but the NBA eventually made the decision to have Jalaiah perform solo during the game. “I was kind of highlighting how important it is for the original creators to get credit because it can lead to real business opportunities,” she tells Teen Vogue. Jalaiah: I wanted to be a professional dancer and now more opportunities are coming up for me. The resulting profile told a story that is all too familiar: Black creatives make culturally relevant content that is co-opted and appropriated by white consumers without recognition. The 14-year-old who created the Renegade dance is now a huge star! Still, Jalaiah and her team, which now includes K Camp’s manager, are clear that her goals aren’t restricted to being an influencer. The 14-year-old is credited with choreographing the viral “Renegade” dance, which landed her on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday.. She was able to perform the dance, set to K Camp’s song “Lottery,” alongside Stephen “tWitch” Boss, a hip-hop dancer who also serves as DJ on the hit talk show. The dancer, who now has 2.1 million followers on TikTok, says she’d given up on anyone giving her credit until Barrie Segal, global head of content for Dubsmash, another social video app (where users often upload content that gets picked up by TikTok’ers) offered to put her in touch with a New York Times reporter. Celebrities, including, The dance became huge on TikTok through other creators and went viral with teenagers worldwide. But nobody really knows that. All rights reserved. Even with this feature in place, users such as Addison and Charli still have significantly higher engagement, likely due to their much larger followings. Creatives, celebrities, managers, and networks such as BET were on hand to help more than 100 Black creatives advance their careers, according to attendee Michael Thornwell. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Jalaiah also … The viral sensation and her parents talk about life in quarantine and how she came up with the new #ScoobDance challenge on TikTok. The origin of the popular dance called the "Renegade" was virtually unknown until now. Atlanta teen Jalaiah Harmon dances at Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game after creating the wildly viral Renegade Dance, currently sweeping TikTok. Jalaiah S. Harmon shared a post on Instagram: “CREATOR OF RENEGADE ( this is the original vid ! “I was excited and frustrated because they weren’t tagging me or giving me credit,” she tells Teen Vogue. Tell the blogs eat it up! (CNN)The teenage girl behind the Renegade got her time to shine Sunday during the NBA All-Star game. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. “I found out who really made it, and it was only right to bring her to the studio and do that video.”. Charli D'Amelio also danced alongside her to … Prior to All-Star weekend, most people didn't even know Jalaiah had created the dance. Charli's rep's responded to Teen Vogue's request for comment by saying, "Charli is a huge supporter of Jalaiah and making sure she receives credit where it is due." Jalaiah and Charli met during All-Star weekend (“Both girls will tell you there’s no issue,” Stefanie says). Jalaiah says she choreographed the viral dance last September, five to ten minutes before dance practice, and uploaded it to Instagram. I get to dance at Dance 411 now. Before the publicity, it seemed like Jalaiah, too, would be yet another creative who would never receive credit for her work. Ad Choices, Renegade Creator Jalaiah Harmon on Reclaiming the Viral Dance. Still, the decision likely wouldn’t have gone over well with fans. Recently, TikTok has done at least two things geared toward solving its appropriation and credit issues. The fact that TikTok videos then proliferate on other platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, without their original captions, perpetuates the disconnect. On this Tuesday evening in early March, she’s not only taking classes at the prestigious Dance411 studio; she’s also teaching professional teenage dancers the Renegade — which incorporates popular dances such as the Wave, the Whoa, and the Dab — for a tutorial video. “There are tons of others who have also done things that were really big, and they never got this,” Jalaiah’s mom, Stefanie Harmon, says. “The first interaction I had with TikTok was them inviting me to a Black creator summit to celebrate diversity,” he tells Teen Vogue. Both Charli and Addison have made an attempt to give proper credit to other users in recent months, sometimes using the abbreviation “dc” which means “dance credit” or, if they’re unsure, asking commenters to let them know who created the dance. The viral "Renegade" dance got its start on TikTok, and now celebrities like Lizzo and Millie Bobby Brown are joining in on the fun. “It’s not a cockiness,” he emphasizes.

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