During their mission Rogue faces off against the new Ms. Marvel (Moonstone); finding that she cannot touch her opponent, Rogue resorts to a trick and flees the site. Unable to do anything she watches with horror as Bastion fatally impales Kurt with his arm. Hair She said she needed to be alone and told Gambit not to follow her. Puzzled, Rogue asks if he's not supposed to tell her to go upstairs and unpack, but he explains that he's not her father – he's her friend. During this period, Rogue and Mystique associated briefly with a mutant named Blindspot, whose power to erase the memories of others by touch somehow counteracts Rogue's power enough to allow them to make physical contact safely. Later on, Rogue maneuvers the X-Jet closer to the X-Men, but is frightened by doing so. Ares does not take her seriously and dismisses her both as an opponent and her attempts to calm things down. Female If she makes contact other mutants or super-powered humans she will also take on their powers, memories, personalities and occasionally even aspects of their physical form. X-Men Movies Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Rogue being rescued by Magneto and Iceman. Marie screams to Wolverine to look out, and he jumps out of his chair and unsheathes his razor-sharp metal claws at him. Marie watches him in awe. After Proteus fully possesses Blindfold's body, he takes each X-Men down one by one, except Colossus, whom is thrown all the way to the X-Jet. Carrie took over Anna's care, and in her grief at the loss of her sister, was a strict and authoritarian guardian. Vinyl comes packaged in a window displayed box and measures approximately 3-3/4 inches tall. She absorbed Colossus' powers, leaving her in the same rigid, melted form as he was to allow the Morlock Healer to heal the damage done to Colossus. Rogue absorbs Betsy's powers and uses the psy-knife on him, but it's useless. When the student, Bling drifted off on her own, Emplate captured her as a semi-permanent feeding source. He tells her he does, and she goes on to explain she wants to be able to touch people, to feel a hug, a handshake – a kiss. Rogue defeated Dazzler, but was herself defeated by Luke Cage and Iron Fist, before fleeing; Rogue was defeated by Dazzler a few times before Dazzler is publicly revealed to be a mutant and goes into hiding. Bryan Singer confirmed on December 21, 2013, that Anna Paquin's major action sequence as Rogue will not be included in the theatrical cut of, Originally it was reported that Rogue will not be returning for. Wolverine comes and sits near her, ordering a beer. Actors/Actresses Ares is dismissive of her attempt and claims that she cannot absorb him, a boast that proves wrong as she weakens him enough for Gambit to blast him bloody and stunned. She says no, and he asks her where she's going. He replied by saying he could get a closer look and teleported up in the trees above them. Depending on the amount of organics left, she can usually affect cyborgs. For a while their tactic works, leaving Cable along with some of the X-Men to fend off Bastion's troops. Gambit believed he could control whatever Apocalypse would do to him, in hopes of only gaining more power to protect Rogue and the X-Men from the villain. The scene where Rogue gets sucked out by a jet was actually performed by actress Anna Paquin and not by a stunt double. Later she was found by Mystique who adopted her and soon afterwards became a member of the villainous Brotherhood of Mutants. She chose Iceman, Cannonball, Cable, Sabretooth, Lady Mastermind, Karima Shapandar, and Mystique, a line-up Cyclops did not agree with. 1980s After demonstrating his powers, Bobby's disgruntled brother, Ronny Drake, becomes angry, afraid, and jealous of his brother's gifts and calls the police on Bobby and the rest of the mutants, claiming his family is being held hostage by mutants. As a boy with pyrokinetic abilities, named Pyro, who is sitting in front of Rogue, puts his hand behind his back and creates a small fireball; another boy, Bobby Drake, sitting next to Rogue uses his power to freeze the fireball, and it falls on the floor and breaks, resulting in Pyro getting in trouble with Storm and Rogue being impressed. Wolverine, also under the influence of Golgotha, then revealed he has always had feelings for Rogue, and kisses her. After Rogue's gift emerged, Mystique began coaxing Rogue into taking part in her terrorist activities as a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants.

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