– WooCommerce Modules Whistles and bells like these hover functions are great, but the basics still have gaping holes. Bring your website to life and build an interactive experiencing for your visitors using a simple interface. And how exactly would they work on mobile? This is awesome. Divi Supreme Image Text Reveal Module. We can add such a "banner" image to Divi in the several ways: Adding an Image above the Header with Divi Booster. But I can’t figure out how to get the text over the image and the text reveal. When you hover over the module on the front end, it will smoothly transition from its standard design to your customized hover design. No, sorry. Is the Module Link feature already available? I have the impression that global modules don’t work when you change something in the module on a page. This took me all night to think up, cause I was as stumped as everybody asking in this comment thread And I know it’s not perfect or anything, but it will give you a clue as to how you can begin on your own journey. There should be a way just like Theme Options and Customization Settings to to export all pages without have to save them to the library OR for the pre existing pages (just like loading a saved layout) will be available in the Divi Library to be exported. Thank you Nick and the design team I’ve been waiting for this for years my eyes got teary. you need this instead of the above…. Just to finish, I am not discounting this amazing release for hover effects. what am I doing wrong? Notably, Theme Builder may be dependent on not only Global Defaults, but also Global Presets, Transform Options, and WooCommerce Modules. Keep it up! Cheers! I also did not expect the little bonus things included in this update like the ability to make any module act as a link. Keep up the good work! Try it Yourself » Tip: Go to our CSS Images Tutorial to learn more about how to style images. Divi Sticky Options But they don’t work and you know it! It doesn’t matter how you update global module. Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to check back next week for even more great features coming your way. ), there is very little focus on how to make our sites attractive to both space and time users. This is so awesome and a change game for Divi users. Ok, I see that is done on the shadow colour. Follow these key principles for optimizing image size: Column Layout: Maximum width of your image; Aspect ratio: Height and width of your image; … I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time. Mountain & Beautiful Night Sky. In hindsight, it does make sense that Theme Builder would be most useful when the other features were all in place: creating menu navigation in a header would be better with the new Hover Options to change how menu items look on hover, for example, and Global Defaults would be very useful for general website theming. Can you copy paste a complete style into the Hover options in one hit, The perfect theme for bloggers and online-publications. Congratulations to ET, for achieving functions that the community has demanded. Hey there. Thank you for hover accessibility! It will bring divi designs to a new next level. Loving. I have the same issue: updated the Divi theme, but there is no [Hover] button as shown in the video introduction. Yep, we knew you needed some good news right about now. If new features are ONLY added to the FEB and indeed removed from the BEB then users with 3rd party modules are kinda screwed. And if you don’t know what an “rollover image” is, it’s when a different image appears when the mouse hovers over it. My lifetime membership has paid for itself so many times…. Choose the image size, hover style, and opacity. I also have the same issue with the button’s hover background. Nick et.al. Source Code Text Overlay on Image Hover. There is no mouse pointer. But today we had this big presentation on how Gutenberg is going to transform our lives. Especially if you update it. Thanks for all your amazing work! ET has invested time into something that has a shrinking demand. UPDATE: 29th July 2017: Recipe #23 – How to create a scrolling image carousel is so far the most popular recipe on Divi Soup.It has the most page views and most comments with around 300 at the time of updating this post. Using hover options, you can create all kinds of stunning hover effects and transform Divi modules into fun and interactive elements. Amazing and powerful feature! Hello Nick, Well, this comment from Nick on the Bulk Editing update blog post helps narrow it down a lot: (In response to a question about when Theme Builder is coming. How do you do this? Thank you for your support. Then view in wireframe mode and then you can see module names. For this we will be using CSS and a little bit of jQuery. ), ‘Dynamic Content will come first. – If server don’t answer, you can lost page. Why are the features not available on the classic build? Yet another great feature that saves coding/design time. …i think there are going to be so many possible effects that we just may not even think of. I just keep coming back to the same two main issues. Thank you for the work that you do, it’s changing the web design field with every update. It should be placed in between the two sections you want to blend. – It would also be really nice if Divi users could somehow contribute code to Divi. – Hover Options This update is great !! If anything would be worthy of a major version increase, it would be that feature (ignoring SemVer standards, which Divi probably does not follow). You may want to use a rollover image to do before/after showcases, or add a ‘purchase now’ button and some type of transparency layer to an image that is linked to a macro conversation page, or any other type of effect. When I set it up in Visual Builder, the transition is shown, but as soon as I leave the builder, it won’t show any transition. Join Today For 10% OFF! While not sold on Gutenberg (there is a lot it leaves out -> stuff your dev friends need) I am guessing that it will perform well on the front end. You’ll need to now add-in an image background (to both hovered and non-hovered states) and apply any gradients while you’re at it, and then you can also remove the borders if you don’t want that in there , A hint though, is that you’ll need to play around with the Design>Spacing to alter the header text’s height , {“context”:”et_builder_layouts”,”data”:{“29817”:{“ID”:29817,”post_date”:”2018-10-08 09:03:15″,”post_date_gmt”:”2018-10-08 14:03:15″,”post_content”:”[et_pb_row _builder_version=\”3.0.48\” background_size=\”initial\” background_position=\”top_left\” background_repeat=\”repeat\” template_type=\”row\”][et_pb_column type=\”1_2\” _builder_version=\”3.0.47\” parallax=\”off\” parallax_method=\”on\”][et_pb_blurb title=\”Testing Thing\” _builder_version=\”3.16.1\” header_font=\”||||||||\” header_text_color=\”#000000\” body_font=\”||||||||\” body_text_color=\”rgba(0,0,0,0)\” background_color=\”#99cc33\” border_radii=\”on|14px|14px|14px|14px\” border_style_all=\”dashed\” text_orientation=\”center\” custom_margin=\”||\” custom_padding=\”100px|30px|20px|30px\” background__hover_enabled=\”on\” background_color__hover=\”#548235\” body_text_color__hover_enabled=\”on\” body_text_color__hover=\”#000000\” border_width_all__hover_enabled=\”on\” border_width_all__hover=\”5px\” header_text_color__hover_enabled=\”on\” header_text_color__hover=\”#000000\” custom_padding__hover_enabled=\”on\” custom_padding__hover=\”60px||60px\”]For campaigns with small ($1,000 \u2013 $2,999) monthly ad spend budget.

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