Cosplay Hammer … Een van deze partners is Google. The revelation that Thor will have a weapon named Stormbreaker is huge, but it also has us wondering whose weapon this will actually be. Although Stormbreaker and Mjolnir have very similar properties and powers, Stormbreaker is the most powerful weapon out of the two for Thor to wield. After Mjölnir is destroyed in Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok, Thor finds himself on a journey to Nidavellir to forge a new weapon in Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War. Imagine defeating Thanos with this Thor electronic roleplay axe! Notably, of all the battles, it was the only weapon that severely wounded Thanos by impaling him soon after the Infinity Gauntlet was completed. Thanos himself mocked Thor for not aiming for his head, indicating Stormbreaker would have been capable of killing him instantly. According to the leaked images, the movie version of Stormbreaker will have a small mallet on one side and a large axe blade on the other. (Additional products each sold separately. Avengers: Infinity WarAvengers: Endgame Push the leaf button on the handle to activate! [1], Stormbreaker was used in the Battle of Wakanda to great effect, augmenting Thor's own lightning massively. Due to it being composed of Uru, the weapon is nigh-indestructible and able to withstand energy blasts created by the Infinity Stones. When fans and collectors wield Marvel's Stormbreaker Electronic Axe, they can imagine the adventures of the Asgardian Thor… [1] Stormbreaker can also be summoned by those worthy of lifting Mjølnir, as shown when Captain America, who was previously proven worthy of wielding the hammer in his fight against past Thanos, summoned Stormbreaker by mistake some moments later during the Battle of Earth. In a compromise, as Bill fairly won the battle, Odin had the Dwarves of Nidavellir create a new hammer made for the cyborg Korbonite warrior, crafted from the same Uru metal as Mjolnir. 3D retexture of the iron axe to make it look like cinema hero Thor's Stormbreaker axe. ThorThanos † (time-traveled self from 2014)Captain America Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He then shattered the mold, revealing the axes' blade and weight, but misplaced the handle for the weapon. Thor Foam Stormbreaker Mjolinor Axe Hammer Cosplay Prop Replica Marvel Avengers 'Infinity War' Latex Convention Safe Costume Accessory 4.3 out of 5 stars 43. Appearances Whether you're buying this as a gift to yourself or someone else, we are 100% confident that this hammer will not disappoint. 30 "A nigh-indestructible weapon capable of withstanding the power of the Infinity Stones." With the Marvel Avengers: Endgame Stormbreaker Electronic Axe, fans and collectors can imagine joining the battle to save the universe! Van alle veldslagen was dit het enige wapen dat Thanos ernstig verwondde door hem kort nadat de … items are in your basket Imagine defeating Thanos with this Thor electronic roleplay axe! Infinity War Directors Explain How Groot Lifts Thor's Stormbreaker Axe. It glows with an otherworldly blue flame that crackles with electricity and seems to have the ability to home in on a target if Thor wills it. Als je alle v2 - Changed shaders, improved textures - Added handle/stick from Future Fight stormbreaker - Resized for accurate look - Custom Collision v1 - Custom model - Working Collisions - Thor Mod Compatible Het zou een geweldig cadeau zijn voor de Chrimas. Thor (in het Nederlands ook wel De Machtige Thor genoemd) is een fictieve superheld uit de comics van Marvel Comics.Hij is gebaseerd op dondergod Thor uit de Noorse mythologie.Hij werd bedacht door Stan Lee, Larry Lieber en Jack Kirby en verscheen voor het eerst in de strip Journey into Mystery #83 (augustus 1962).. Op een missie van zijn vader Odin deed Thor zich vaak voor als een superheld. Pretty close model of the Infinity War Stormbreaker just in time for the movie *****Updated Handle Top, Blade and Hammer so they fit together better ***** Added longer handle built in 2 pieces for those of you that want to go all out Status Onze excuses, er lijkt een fout te zijn opgetreden. Je zult deze bijl als Marvel-fans niet willen missen. Thor wields both Stormbreaker and Mjølnir. Thor endures the energy to reignite the forge, With Thor and Rocket's help, Eitri opened the cage around the star and re-lit the forge, melting down ingots of Uru and pouring it into a mold. £29.85. Active. As Thanos teleported away, Stormbreaker fell to the ground, the blade covered in his blood.[1][2]. This is my first ever model modeled by myself.. please be gentle! You can also upload and share your favorite Thor Stormbreaker wallpapers. 0 Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. This allowed Thanos to activate the Infinity Gauntlet, and eliminate fifty percent of the universe's life. Comic Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro. However, when Avengers: Infinity War came along, the Russo brothers decided Thor needed a new weapon and introduced Stormbreaker into the MCU. Thor Stormbreaker Axe, Thor Axe, Thor Hammer, Thor Cosplay 1/1 Scale Movie Prop Replica, Thor Stormbreaker Hammer FunancyDesign. Subject to availability.). 2020. Made In the later stages of the battle, Thor used Stormbreaker to battle the combined forces of Outriders, Chitauri and the Black Order, leaving Mjølnir to Rogers, although the pair weapons once. ), Dit product komt uit op Er bevinden zich op dit moment geen artikelen in je winkelwagen. Stormbreaker werd in de slag om Wakanda met groot effect gebruikt door Thor. When asked if Stormbreaker was more powerful than the Infinity Gauntlet, Joe and Anthony Russo responded that it certainly has the ability to counteract the powers of the Gauntlet but the key moment was that Thanos was caught off-guard; he only realized what that weapon was after he got struck by it as it came out of nowhere. Seeking revenge, Thor blessed Jarnbjorn with his ow… From the mythological roots of Thor's arsenal to the cosmic origin of Stormbreaker itself, here's the truth behind Thor's new hammer. 4.5 … De verzendinformatie verwijst naar producten die momenteel op voorraad zijn. He was stopped by Captain America, who revealed that he was capable of wielding Mjølnir. Price Match Guarantee. Comment. Marvel's Avengers: Endgame Marvel’s Stormbreaker Electronic Axe, fans and collectors can imagine joining the battle to save the universe! With this full scale StormBreaker replica, you'll be the new Thor! Site Navigation - use tab or left/right arrows to navigate, use down arrows to open sub menus where available, press escape key to return to top level. Only 6 left in stock. Fans and collectors can imagine powering up for action alongside their favorites Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Hulk, Black Panther, and more with Avengers figures and roleplay gear! HD wallpapers and background images As Thor needed a weapon, Eitri decided to forge Stormbreaker. Eitri even went as far as to say Stormbreaker was meant to be the strongest weapon in Asgard's history. Standaard verzending (5-10 werkdagen) = €1,49.

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