[16] FIRE FROM THE GODS – “Right Now”. The rock and roll world exists well beyond the realm of Active Rock radio or the confines of North America.  Although a number of the songs featured on this list appeared on the Octane Big ‘Uns Countdown Songs of 2019 and/or the Top 50 Active Rock Songs of 2019, Hard Rock Daddy’s TOP 100 HARD ROCK SONGS OF 2019 is not based on radio airplay.  In fact, many of the songs featured received no spins at all. Individuals like to come up with their weirdest best dance moves when rock songs with a catchy chorus are playing. Badflower seems destined to become a staple on Active Rock radio, but if you want to experience what makes them truly special, do whatever it takes to see them in concert.  You will not be disappointed. If you’re thinking that Bootyard Bandits is some kind of joke, you’d be sorely mistaken.  Their debut single, “Hoedown Showdown” is fun and funny, but it is also really good.  There is a definitive southern/country rock sound, but at its core, it’s pure rock and roll.  At times, the song conjures up memories of the Joe Lynn Turner days of Rainbow, albeit with the southern feel of ZZ Top.  Intrigued?  You should be!  Check it out and see for yourself. “Skipping Stone” feels like a sequel that begins after fast forwarding into the future.  In this chapter of the story, these Baltimore rockers have infused their sound with a swampy southern sensibility and an underlying distorted stoner groove.  Because of the tempo and mood changes, it’s somewhat surprising that the song clocks in at just under four minutes long.  That’s more than enough time to show that it was well worth the wait between new releases for a band that deserves to pick up where they left off with radio play. The first song that I heard was “Gimme Gimme Rockaway.”  I was instantly hooked.  With the exception of those familiar with “Rockaway Beach” by the Ramones, it’s likely that those outside the NYC area are probably not too familiar with this tightknit community.  A community that has a number of people who work for the NYPD or FDNY.  A community that suffered tremendous loss on 9/11, and then again when Hurricane Sandy devastated the area. Building excitement about the release of a new single no easy feat for any rock band, much less one that is at the beginning of their career.  Given the crowded space and shrinking attention spans of the masses, it seems that there has to be something extraordinary to rise above the din.  For example, Tool finally releasing new music after a 13-year hiatus.  And yet, I found myself waiting with eager anticipation for the release of Any Given Sin’s “Another Life” (the follow-up to their explosive hit, “Dynamite”).  What made this single release so special? How to describe the current incarnation of Dismantle, a Detroit rock unit whose origins date back to 2006?  Remember the edge that Three Days Grace had when Adam Gontier was the frontman?  Picture that on steroids with Zakk Wylde sitting in on guitar. In some ways, this song showcases the continued growth of (arguably) the greatest hard rock band of this generation.  Never ones to rely on a sticking to a formula of what has worked in the past, Shinedown fearlessly spreads their wings to fly into uncharted territory, incorporating elements of rap/rock in their own captivating way.  This is especially true with the title track to the album.  What makes it stand out most is the infectious hook of the chorus that anchors the song. [75] THE DEAD DAISIES – “Dead And Gone”. On “Turn Away,” SFD masterfully transitions between intense driving rhythms and dynamic moody parts that are brought to life by Jaboo’s lead guitar which seems to cry out in pain.  Just as Metallica did years ago with “Fade To Black,” SFD takes you on an emotional musical journey with a song that shows that feelings of darkness and isolation are more common than people realize when they are caught up in their own personal hell. King’s “Downhearted” (aka “How Blue Can You Get”) to bring out the emotion of the song. “My Name” is not just about Matt Brandyberry’s quest to get the recognition that he deserves, and for that matter, From Ashes To New as well.  This angst-ridden anthem delivers a valuable lesson about using life’s inevitable failures as stepping stones to future success.  Waxing nostalgic about the way things used to be tends to be something that is done by older generations, but because the world is changing so quickly now (and not necessarily for the better), it’s understandable that is applies to people of all ages.  Although FATN has name recognition, they still don’t get the automatic airplay that seems to come to some of their fellow artists of similar stature. Year-End Hot 100 Songs; Year-End Billboard 200 Albums; 2019 Year-End Boxscore; All Year-End Charts; DECADE-END . You might be thinking that the #99 position doesn’t show much gratitude to a friend like this, but “Breathe” was placed here for a specific reason…the flow of the playlist.  The song is so unique, that it fit best as the opening act (so to speak) for the final song of the year (and decade)…, The kneejerk reaction to seeing Tool is the #100 position is probably one of confusion, if not downright outrage.  But there are a few reasons that Tool is anchoring this annual list this year…. With the heyday of Southern Rock in the rearview mirror, the worlds of country music and hard rock rarely collide these days.  If “Outlaws & Outsiders” is any indication of what can be achieved when these two unlikely genres converge, then maybe the time has come for a Southern Rock revival. On June 22, 2018, Vinnie Paul unexpectedly joined his brother Dimebag Darrell in rock and roll heaven.  It took some time, but Paul had reemerged with another powerhouse metal band in Hellyeah, a band that has been on the rise since they made their debut. If you read the band’s bio, you might think that the thing that makes them “special” is their rock and roll heritage.  Trev Lukather on guitar, and Sam Porcaro on bass is only part of the story.  Yes, Lukather’s dad (Steve) is the original lead guitarist of Toto, and Porcaro’s dad (Mike) was the bass player in the band for over two decades, but this band is not Toto 2.0. I really appreciate it! https://beginnerguitar.pro/easy-guitar-rock-songs-for-beginners [83] SONIC X – “Fly Around The World”. Saddle up for a wild ride and a LEGO video that can best be classified as NSFW (not safe for work) with Bootyard Bandits.  They’re wild and western with their collective tongues planted firmly in cheek.  Some might say that they’re cheeky.  Wait a minute!  Why would anyone describe the southern rock version of Steel Panther with a British term?  Because these cowboys are from Worcester, England!  To be more specific, their bio says that they’re from the Wild West of Worcester, England.

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